Jupiter and a Comet 
On the night of 6 October I captured some more pictures of Jupiter. This one is a stack of 1440 frames, selected from 4000 captured with a ToUCam Pro 740 using K3CCDTools. Stacking and wavelet processing was done in Registax 5, while some further sharpening and cleaning up in The Gimp.

When capturing the images I thought that it looked rather steady. In fact the seeing turned out to be pretty good, and a reasonable result came out.

Click the picture to see it full-sized.

Earlier that evening I went looking for comet 103P/Hartley 2. This comet is getting slightly brighter, it is hoped that it will be visible (just) to the unaided eye over the next few days. After that the moon will be getting too bright to see it so well. It's currently in Cassiopeia, moving towards the double cluster in Perseus.

This picture was taken using my Canon EOS 300D. I took 14 photos of 40 seconds each, at ISO 800. They were combined using Deep Sky Stacker and further processed using PixInsight LE.

Click the picture to see the large version


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