First full narrowband - M42 in Hubble Palette 
I recently acquired an S-II (Ionised Sulphur) filter, to go with my Hydrogen Alpha, and O-III (Doubly-Ionised Oxygen) filters. I can now do tri-colour narrowband imaging, assigning each of red, green, and blue to those three filters.
I imaged the Orion Nebula using the new S-II filter, and combined it with H-alpha and O-III images from January 2009.

Click the image to see the full-sized picture.
I decided to use the "Hubble Palette" for this image, which assigns the S-II image to Red, the H-alpha to Green, and the O-III to Blue. I also used the H-alpha for luminance.
There is a lot of H-alpha in this image, which is why there is quite a lot of green.
Due to bad imaging conditions, the S-II image is not as good as the others, but this shows the principle.
Images were captured using an Atik 16HR camera, with Baader filters as described above. The telescope was my William Optics Megrez 80 Super Apo.

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