Spots on the sun 
It's been a while since I imaged the sun. The last time was in fact the ISS-Crossing in August 2010.
Today the sun is much more active than back then, and there are quite a few spots on the sun.
Click the image to enlarge it!

To identify all these sunspots I looked at This Image from the SOHO daily image which revealed that Active Regions 1338 to 1346 are visible in this image.
The picture was captured using the TouCam Pro at prime focus of my Megrez 80 Super Apo telescope (fitted with a filter made with Baader solar film), which results on a bigger image than the camera sensor, therefore this is a composite of four separate images, each stacked and sharpened in Registax 6 and put together using IMerge.
The image is not perfect and there are some artifacts of the slightly cloudy sky and of the imaging process. The colour is as it came from the camera, which for Baader-filtered images should normally be monochrome, but which came out as a pleasing sun-like colour.

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