GRS at last 
You have probably seen many images of Jupiter with the Great Red Spot prominent. This huge storm has been raging for hundreds of years (it was observed in the 1600s) and is large enough to fit the entire planet Earth within it.
However most of my images in this blog so far have not included the GRS. Why? Timing. Jupiter rotates once every 9.9 hours and you have to catch it at the right time to get a decent image of the red spot.
Tables of GRS transit times, the times when the spot is visible in the centre of Jupiter, are published, or you can use a page such as this one to calculate when the GRS will next be visible.
Last night I was prepared for the moment of transit and captured three sequences at various camera settings. The best was this one, using the TouCam camera at 15fps with 1/33sec exposure time.
The innermost moon Io is also visible, as it often is in these images.

Click the picture to see the full sized image.

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