Saturn and some of its moons 
The weather in the UK has finally improved and yesterday was the hottest day of the year here in Eastern England. I took the opportunity of a clear sky to have a look at Saturn, now just past opposition in the southern sky.

Seeing was fairly good and I captured a couple of streams of images using my venerable ToUCam 740 attached to my Orion Optics SPX250 newtonian telescope, which is my standard planetary imaging setup. I used an Astro Engineering 3x Imagemate for two pictures of the planet itself, then removed it for a wider field showing the planet and some of its satellites.
Click the image to the left to see the full sized picture.

At the time of writing, we know of 53 moons around Saturn which we have given names to, plus another 9 provisional ones with numbers.
My picture shows Dione, Rhea and Titan, the latter of which is the largest and most easily seen moon. All three were discovered in the 1600s and were among the first ever found.

Click the image to the right to see the full-sized version.

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