More pictures of Jupiter 
Here are a couple of recent pictures of Jupiter.
Each is 300 frames stacked from a capture of 3000 frames. I have found recently that best results seem to be from capturing on the ToUCam 1/33sec exposures at 10fps, at least it takes less time than capturing at 5fps although in theory 5fps should be better due to no compression.
On the night of 1-2 November, it was pretty windy and seeing wasn't good. The image turned out not too badly though.
Seeing was also not great on the night of 5-6 November, and the second image below was the result.
Images were both aligned and stacked in Registax 6, manually specifying alignpoints, and for better alignment and frame selection I use a two-stage process, selecting 50 from the first run and clicking "Align with Processed" from the Wavelet tab - after first having applied a light wavelet and no RGB alignment.
Then I align again and stack 300 from the full 3000. This time in the wavelet tab I use RGB align, slightly more wavelets, and a little adjustment via histogram.

Click each image to see the full-sized version.

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