Eclipse on Jupiter - Io passes by 

Io is of course one of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter. As these moons orbit the planet they from time to time pass by the planet leaving a shadow on the disk of Jupiter. These shadows can be easily seen from Earth.

I imaged Jupiter using my TouCam Pro on the night of 24 September. The first image (above) shows the shadow and Io itself.

Here are a couple more images of Jupiter from the same night, with Io now having passed by - Eclipse over!

Click these images to see full-sized

These were all processed in Registax 5, with further tweaking in The Gimp.

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My best ever image of Jupiter 
Here is an image of Jupiter I captured last night. The night was a little cloudy and I didn't expect great results. The image on my screen while capturing looked reasonable but very blurry.
However after capturing 2000 frames and stacking 864 of them it turns out to be the best image of Jupiter I have ever taken.

Optics: Orion Optics SPX 250 with AE 3x Imagemate
Camera: Philips ToUCam Pro 740 with Baader IR blocking filter
Processing: Align, stack, wavelets in Registax 5, light sharpening in The Gimp

Click the picture to see it full-sized, or Here for an enlarged view.

I have heard it said in the past that a little haze can be good for planetary imaging, now I believe it!

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