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Miscellaneous pictures that don't fit in anywhere else.
This page is for things like comets, asteroids, and meteors. These items don't belong on any of the other pages on the website, so I created this one just for them!
29 June 2005: Lightning! On 29 June I tried to capture some lightning.
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12 January 2005: Comet Machholz in Perseus with Pleiades and the California Nebula This wide field picture shows comet 2004/Q2 Machholz as it passes through the constellation of Perseus in early 2005. The comet is the blue-green blob on the right hand side of the picture. No tail is shown. At the top left of the picture is NGC 1499 (the California Nebula), a large red emission nebula. Near the bottom is M45, the Pleiades open cluster, which the comet passed very close to a few days before this picture was taken.
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This picture was taken using a 50mm lens on Fuji Provia 400F 35mm film. The lens was set to f/4.o and the film was exposed for 10 minutes. The picture was scanned to digital format and post-processed in The Gimp.
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17 December 2004: Comet Machholz in Eridanus This webcam picture shows a close-up view of the comet. The stars have short trails, indicating the movement of the comet during the image capture.
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14 November 2004: Comet Gehrels passing through Aries and Taurus The webcam picture here shows Comet 78P/Gehrels. Notice the star trails, showing that the comet us moving relative to them.
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12 August 2004: A Persid Meteor For the Annual Persid metor shower in 2004, I attached its original lens to the Quickcam 3000, and took a series of 3-second images in the direction of the constellation of Cassiopeia. I was lucky enough to capture one meteor - just!
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