Mare Frigoris, 26 October 2004
This page shows the Mare Frigoris area in the North-West sector of the moon.

Mare Frigoris is a wide area of dark lava located to the North of Mare Imbrium. The prominent "Bay of Rainbows", Sinus Iridum, can be seen in the lower part of this image, bordered by the Jura mountains.
Further north, there are many interesting craters to be seen bordering the Mare, one of the largest of which is J. Herschel, quite a battered crater with pretty disintegrated walls, and therefore relatively old. The crater floor is quite rough in comparison with the smooth Mare to the south. There are several small craters within J. Herschel, of which two can easily be seen here -- the larger one being designated J. Herschel C, and the smaller K. The southern wall of J. Herschel is interrupted in several places by craterlets B and D, and to their left, the crater Horrebow (not labelled).
Move the mouse over the image to see feature names, move it out to see the undecorated picture.
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