Cleomedes, Geminus, Messala, and Surrounding Region,
1 September 2004, 00:56 UTC
On the night of 31 August 2004, the moon was nearly 17 days old. I captured a sequence of images near the terminator.
This page shows an interesting region including Cleomedes, Geminus, Messala and Lacus Spei.

Cleomedes shows signs of being an old crater because it has many floor and rim craters, including the largest, Tralles, on its North West slope. Tralles has Cleomedes E and the smaller and overlapping A on its East side. Geminus has steep walls, much in evidence by the deep shadow on this picture. Messala has many floor features and overlapping craters, as well as damaged walls, which all also indicate an old crater.
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