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This page contains images of various Lunar details and features captured on 18 April 2005.
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Plato This is the large circular crater in the Lunar Alps, Plato. It is located off the Northern edge of the Mare Imbrium. To the South, in the Mare, are the peaks of the Teneriffe mountains protruding from the Mare Lava, as is Mons Pico to their East. Pico itself appears to be on the rim of a burried crater now only visible as a ridge in the mare surface.
To the North and East of Plato are many craters, mountains, and rilles of the Montes Alpes. Across the mountains to the west, in the top-left of the picture, can just be seen the dark lava of the Mare Frigoris.
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Mare Imbrium Definitely my favourite part of the moon, there is so much to see in the Mare Imbrium. This view shows almost the whole mare and mountains around. To the North Montes Alpes with the Alpine Valley, Plato, and in the Mare Montes Teneriffe and Mons Pico.
Moving East we see Cassini, the lava-filled crater with two smaller craters within, and further East the triangular mountain range Montes Caucasus. South of Cassini in the Mare we see Aristillus, which has three central mountains and promenant rays spreading across the lava. Its walls are steep and terraced. Aristillus' partner is Autolycus, which is of fairly similar appearance although smaller and rayless, and has only a single mountain which is less promenant than that of Aristarchus.
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Rupes Recta
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Southern Highlands Area
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Daves Astronomy Pictures
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