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This image was captured when the moon was 4 days after new. The quality is lower than I hoped because conditions were poor. I targeted a very busy area of the Southern Highlands, in the south-west of the moon, where the abundance of small round craters fall in some places in patterns that remind me of animal paw-prints.
In this image, North is to the left. The area is dominated by Rabbi Levi, which is 81km wide with a flat floor containing four large (approx. 12km each) craters and other smaller ones. To the South (right) is a slightly smaller crater than Rabbi Levi, Riccius. At least half of this crater's wall and much of the floor is covered with smaller craters, even more so than Rabbi Levi.
On the other side of Rabbi Levi, to the North, is Zagut. This crater has more of its flat floor clear of impacts, although a relatively large crater Zagut E impacts covers the eastern wall and protrudes into the interior of the crater. Between Zagut and Rabbi Levi, almost adjoining Zagut to the east (up in this image), is a much cleaner crater, Lindenau. This crater's floor is almost entirely obscured in this image by shadow, although a trace of the central mountain can be seen above the terraced western crater walls.
The terrain gets even more chaotic further to the North, with individual features becoming hard to distinguish in this picture. Moving to the other side of the picture, near the smaller 27km crater Wöhler, the area is covered with small craters and ridges, although no large craters like the three main ones in this image can be found. This image is a mosaic of four stacks. Each was captured in blue light using the ToUCam Pro with IR-blocking filter. I used my Tele Vue 5x Powermate on the Europa 250 f/5 newtonian. The AVIs were stacked in Registax (approx. 1000 frames each), the mosaic was created in iMerge, and post-processing applied using PixInsight LE. The labels were added using The Gimp.

Move the mouse over the image to see feature names, move it out to see the undecorated picture.

Move the mouse over the image to see feature names, move it out to see the undecorated picture.
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