South-West Mare Nubium 10 December, 2005
On 10 December the seeing wasn't good enough to use high magnification with the 5x powermate, but I did attach the ToUCam with my 2x Barlow lens, with an extension tube to obtain a higher magnification increase, and captured some AVIs of the Bullialdus, Capuanus and Wilhelm areas in the south-west Mare Nubium part of the moon.I processed using Registax, Iris, PixInsight LE, and The Gimp.
The images were captured using my ToUCam Pro on my 250mm f/4.8 newtonian with a Celestron 2x Barlow lens and my home-made IR-pass filter. Around 200 frames were stacked of each area and iMerge was used to construct the mosaic. This is a very busy region of the moon and this image shows the famous volcanic dome Kies Pi, and the promenant rille Rima Hesiodus.

Move the mouse over the image to see feature names, move it out to see the undecorated picture.
Click the image to see an even bigger version.
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