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Registax is a very useful program for stacking and aligning frames, and sharpening images. Here is a typical Registax session for processing a lunar image.

Alignment Tab

  • Choose "Select" and select the file to be processed. You can process other image types, but a webcam capture will be an AVI.
  • Click "Framelist" and find a good-quality frame
  • Choose an alignment box size and click on a feature
  • Select quality estimation method
  • Click "Align"
  • Click "limit"

Optimize tab

  • Enter number of frames in reference frame box and click create
  • Adjust sliders and "Do All", then "Continue"
  • Check "Resampling" if necessary, choose type and factor
  • Check "Optimize until"
  • Click "Optimize"

Stack tab

  • Click "Stackgraph" and move sliders to choose range of frames
  • Click "Stack"
  • Save image if reqd.

Wavelet tab

  • Check "Autoprocessing"
  • Check "Hold wavelet settings" if reqd.
  • Initial=1, Step=1, Linear (not dyadic), Default (not Gaussian)
  • Check processing area
  • Click RGBShift tab, estimate (if reqd)
  • Click Contrast tab, reduce contrast/brightness
  • Move layer sliders until satisfied
  • Choose Gamma if reqd.
  • Click "Do All"
  • Save Image
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