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In the early hours of the morning on 2 March, 2007, the moon passed in front of Saturn, as seen from my location on Earth. Here are my records of the event.
MOVIES AVAILABLE (DIVX player required from http://www.divx.com)
Click the ingress or egress icons below to view or download the corresponding movie.
Best played at original size (some browsers play the video enlarged).


Click HERE to see a montage of all the images on this page showing actual captured ingress and egress images, plus composites showing the moon and Saturn processed individually and combined to show their actual positions during the occultation.
This image won first prize in the Telescope House Saturn Occultation imaging competition in March 2007.

Capture details:
  • Celestron C8 telescope
  • ToUCam Pro 740 in non-raw colour optimised mode
  • Baader UV-IR blocker.
  • Gamma: 80%
  • Gain: 0
  • Exposure:
  • FPS: 10
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This sequence shows the period of ingress, when the moon moved to cover Saturn
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This sequence shows the period of egress, as Saturn emerged from behind the moon (actually the moon is moving rather than Saturn)
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Composite photos

These photos are made from combining images separately exposed and processed to but using positional data from the actual occultation video images above.

Details of the ingress image in universal time (UTC):
  • Moon image: 03:08 UTC
  • Saturn image: 03:13 UTC
  • Positional data: 02:39:20 UTC

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Details of the egress image in universal time (UTC):
  • Moon image: 03:05 UTC
  • Saturn image: 03:13 UTC
  • Positional data: 02:56:00 UTC

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