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Here are my various pictures of Saturn.
Click the pictures to see full-sized ones.

Click HERE to see images and movies of Saturn being covered by the moon in the 2 March 2007 Occultation!

22 January, 2006: Things went right this time I had great luck with Saturn on this night. I centred the planet in the eyepiece of my my Europa 250, put in my 5x Powermate and centred it again. I was surprised when I put the ToUCam in and found it was perfectly focussed! One of my eyepieces must be parfocal with the camera, I must do some experiments to find out which.
Perhaps it was the 3-hour cooling down, perhaps it was the laser collimation (although that's not unusual), perhaps just seeing and a bit of luck. Whatever, I had the best preview image I can ever remember, with the Cassini division clearly visible all the time -- which is unusual for me.
Mindful of software-imposed limits, I captured lots of 1800-frame AVIs, and stacked the best 100 from each. This first result is 600 from 10,800 frames at 15fps.
  • ToUCam Pro 740 in non-raw colour optimised mode
  • Baader UV-IR blocker.
  • Europa 250 f/4.8 Newtonian with Televue 5x Powermate.
  • Gamma: 16%
  • Gain 81%
  • Stacked in K3CCDTools, Wavelets in Registax, combined 6 images in The Gimp, then wavelets again.
  • The image was resampled 2x in stacking, then reduced to about 2/3 in postprocessing.
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12 January, 2006: First of the new year This is my first attempt at imaging Saturn for this apparition and the first of the new year.
It's a combination of three images. The three images were 2x 500 frames out of 3000, plus 250 frames out of 950.
I used my TouCam Pro in non-raw optimised mode on my Europa 250, with 2x barlow plus extension tube.
Aligned and stacked in K3CCDTools, wavelets in Registax 3, tweaking in The Gimp.
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